Jamie’s 66th Birthday

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Today, May 16th, is my 66th Birthday.  My wife was raised just 2 blocks from Route 66 so I consider it a special birthday. It’s a strange feeling and everything that’s said about getting old, I agree with. Not for wimps and I admit I am a bit wimpy. Pam would probably say I’m a lot wimpy. (I am!)

The NEW ORLEANS OYSTER EATING CLUB is probably my last major pencil drawing. After I fell and broke my back last summer I developed very painful muscle spasms and pencil drawings make it much worse because of the pressure needed to get the desired effect. I am happy to tell you I can still paint, painting is gentle. I have many near finished works that I am inspired to complete. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support over the last 25 years and hope you’ll continue to do so. Pam, Julian and I are truly grateful.

One thing I have never been is lazy and I have many drawings I’ve done over the past 25 years. We’ll be showcasing them in the near future. I just uncovered an early drawing, “Hot Dog Charlie” that I am getting scanned so we’ll have prints and t-shirts soon. Thank you again, Jamie


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  1. Janessa Dawn Ringler
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Catherine Buck
    | Reply

    Have a blessed birthday & thank you for all you do!!

  3. Renee Hinz
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative!!!

  4. Bob Baugh
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    Happy Birthday … here’s a little birthday story for you.
    In the early/mid 1980’s you had the 504 gallery in Portland Oregon. We purchased one of our very first pieces of art from you. It is a signed copy of “Mr. Iggesund Bottecelli with Gustavo and Erica and Fellini #103/504. It has graced our walls all these years from Portland to many years in Northern VA and the last 2 in St. Louis. In retirement I do a lot of writing and photography about the local blues scene. A new friend, Dave Beardsley, who is a major figure in the blues scene here, was recently in our home and immediately identified with our picture and you as the artist. I was quite surprised. He loved it. Now I know why.

    Today I was working on a big article for the next Bluesletter for the St. Louis Blues Society on the history of the Bug Muddy blues fest and its predecessor the Blues Heritage Festival. Lo and Behold I come across a 1995 poster you did for the festival when Dave was on the advisory board. I looked up your sight and saw it was your birthday. I hope you had a good one. Thank for the many years of pleasure your print has given us. When I get to NO I promise to drop in the gallery.

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