The day that water buffalo Katrina stampeded through my beloved New Orleans and devastated my life, August 29, 2005, I did get one lucky break—this book was sitting in a print shop in Thailand safe from the flood. I’d been working on this project for over 7 years, and I consider this book my best work to date. It is an exciting, epic adventure story with hundreds of my full-color illustrations. Just like my first book The Legendary Adventures of the Flying Mingling Brothers, Up In The Air features the Double Bubbas, only this time they somehow get themselves a blimp and go on the most exciting trip from the middle of nowhere to New Orleans then on to San Francisco, where they participate in Blimpfest and beat the Germans in the “Big Race.” It is the greatest adventure story ever told. In the back of the book is an appendix full of photos from my zeppelin collection and artists’ renditions of zeppelins and blimps from 100 years ago. As a bonus, you will receive a full color, HUGE fold-out poster. This book is a great value. Buy an autographed copy of this book before you buy anything else from me. You’ll be glad you did. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

This book weighs over 3 pounds and is 135 pages. Most pages have full-color illustrations. The book is 14″ x 10-1/4″ x 3/4″. The book’s jacket is heavily gold-embossed on the front and back and is quite fancy. Most people wind up using Up In The Air as a coffee table book.


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