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Hey to all my readers,

If you EVER come to New Orleans or live here, take heed: Go introduce yourself to “the man in the red beret,” aka Jude Acers, chess master and a very special New Orleanian. For the past 30+ years, he has been taking on challengers and teaching chess on Decatur St. at his “World Chess Table” close to the French Market. Tell him you are a friend of mine and the doors will swing open even wider. Do yourself a favor—go meet him. Also check out this link to the documentary that is being made about him. I count myself fortunate to be his friend and brother-in-arms. He is a gentle soul. That is, until you play a game of chess with him. He then turns into a warrior assassin. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Jamie’s t-shirt celebrating Jude Acers. These t-shirts are available at the Kickstarter project linked to above.

Another day of hyperbaric high pressure oxygen treatments. Hopefully those damaged blood vessels in my brain are generating new cells. I think that’s what’s happening. Hope so, anyway.

— Jamie Hayes

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  1. Jude F Acers
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    My goodness gracious…despite my best efforts to die alone and forgotten following more than 1,000 chess appearances in prisons,hospitals, commercial shopping malls, in 46 states,11 nations…….and two…. monster Guinness book of world record listed simultaneous exhibitions at Lloyds Center(Portland, Oregon-1973)..179 opponents at one time at MID ISLE PLAZA (BROADWAY PLAZA)IN lONG iSLAND , NEW YORK july2-3,1976…….. in 46 states and 11 countries……..I have simply failed to perish… go A-hunting……………….. NOW I have somehow become the Mona Lisa of New Orleans by its Andy Warhol..just a reminder that three months ago a bewildered, surprised I was besieged by you with no warning by thee for the sketch -characture, you taking ambush photos aplenty as well…I had no idea…HOW YOU DO DAT MAGIC?……………and then you went down for the 9 count days later..almost a 10 count…and took away my spaghetti as well.I will get are going to get arm cramps autographing your all time masterwork JUDE ACERS T SHIRTS ALL OVER THE WORLD … Yes .kind sir……JUDE ACERS AND PIANOMOUTH BID YOU GOOD DAY AND GET WELL FOR MANY GLORY DAYS A-COMING MY FRIEND. GET PACKED..I AM TAKING YOU WITH ME..YOU CAN CHECK OUT BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE………………jUDE ACERS, “the wild man of chess”

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