The Bangkok Taxi Rules

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Hello my Blogeteers,

This is my second attempt at blog post #8. I sent the first #8 a-e, which apparently went into cyber space. Maybe it’s gone viral?

I took my third two-hour hyperbaric treatment today with no sign of claustrophobia; yesterday or today. I really don’t know why it happened on my first attempt. I am doubling my chamber time so I can get home sooner. Boy, am I done here. I wish I had good news about my recovery, but as I said in the beginning: Babysteps. I am seeing VERY LITTLE progress. But I keep going to my treatments. Religiously. Then home. My taxi experience this morning was typical for Bangkok. I have some rules and tips for taking a taxi here, but still… BEWARE!

Here are some rules and things to be aware of if you ever come to Bangkok and I hope you do visit this axing place. It is fantastic world city. Taxis are not a reason to come, even though they are cheap. And yes, they are really cheap. A half hour high speed highway ride from airport to the hotel is $15-$20. No extra charge for additional passengers.

I hope you like garlic breath. Taxi drivers here must chomp on raw garlic starting at breakfast, then for lunch and dinner. The smell of my taxi this morning was typical and the smell was overwhelming. The driver I had was particularly scary. I have whiplash from his heavy foot. He was constantly racing to the car ahead or speeding to the next red light.

One rule is never get into a shabby cab. How some of the taxis pass inspection is beyond me. (In Spanish it’s called “mordida,” or “bribe,” in English.) Also, the shabby ones smell. So you get a garlic and old sweat combo odor.

And avoid elderly drivers. They are nearly guaranteed to give you whiplash with their gas petal finesse. It is the only way to describe it. The driver this morning wasn’t old, but had already mastered gas petal finesse. Whoa.

Okay, enough info for today. It is Friday night here. I bought some new release movies today at a clearly unauthorized seller, so for me it’s movie night.

And, oh yes, GO CARDINALS!!! Pam is from St. Louis and a huge fan. She texted me after every inning. Thanks for reading. Good day, y’all.

— Jamie Hayes

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