This is a set of all 3 of Jamie’s books. If purchased separately these books would cost $75, but here you get all 3 for only $45. PLUS Jamie will sign the Up in the Air with the Flying Mingling Brothers, and the Legendary Adventures of the Flying Mingling Brothers.

The Legendary Adventures of the Flying Mingling Brothers, is Jamie’s first book. It is a collection of 13 bedtime stories based on the adventures of the 2 Bubbas. The premise of the stories is that cruise boats are way too big to float and giants (Cruzhead Jack) walk on the bottom of the water and carry the boats on their heads. They are fun stories that also include Jamie’s colorful and whimsical drawings.

Up in the Air with the Flying Mingling Brothers, is a follow up to Jamie’s first book where the 2 Bubbas go on a cross country blimp adventure. This 123 page book includes an appendix where kids can learn the history of blimps and zeppelins. Jamie has always had a fascination with blimps and has quite a collection of memorabilia that he has included in the book. It also has a BONUS blimp fest poster.

Coloring with Jamie, is a set of 36 coloring pages. All of Jamie’s pencil drawings start out as a pen and ink drawing. He has always scanned them with the intention of one day putting together a coloring book. The pack includes pages for all color levels so the family can color together.

These books make great gifts, especially since they are signed.


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