Letter from Bangkok

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Hi everyone,

I am writing this, my first blogged words ever, from Bangkok, Thailand, where I am undergoing medical treatment. Some of you may have heard that I had a stroke this past July and these last months have been dedicated to recovery.

Pam and I were on a cruise 3 weeks ago when we met someone who told me about a relatively new treatment for stroke patients. It’s called hyperbaric oxygen treatment inside a pressurized hyperbaric chamber. It is FDA approved for this purpose.

So when I got back to New Orleans, I quickly got on the phone and called the hospital where they offered this therapy and found out it costs $200 per session plus a doctor’s fee. Bummer. The therapy course is 40+ sessions.

After hanging up, I wrote my friend Ruby in Bangkok and, after a day of investigating, found several hospitals here that offered the same treatment but a bit cheaper: $23 per session including a neurologist present. Easy button. I got a flight last week and today I will have my 8th high-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy session. Yay!

Jamie 1Jamie 2

There is another reason I wanted to come to Bangkok. For the last 10 years, whenever I’ve come here, which has been two to three times a year, I see the most fantastic acupuncturist from mainland China. She’s got the magic touch. I have done acupuncture since I was in my 20’s and she’s the best!

So I am doing a combination of Western and traditional Chinese medicine. It is working. Bit by bit I am getting better.

— Jamie Hayes

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  1. Karen Haba
    | Reply

    Hang in there! My husband and I just adore your work. Hope to have you back and creating again soon! Best, best, best wishes!

  2. Leslie
    | Reply

    Hey, Jamie! I’m sorry to hear about your stroke but happy to hear that you’ve found a treatment you love (and a bargain to boot!) Best wishes and keep creating… I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Aren’t we about due to create another book? 🙂 My best ~ Leslie

  3. Rob
    | Reply

    Good luck! Hope you start feeling better soon.
    Keep us updated.
    R & J

  4. Jody Kay Hartley
    | Reply

    Jamie your the best the person, artist in the world. Last year, I finally got to met you, after 10 plus years of following you and it was a pleasure. As a matter of fact it was the day New Orleans buried the Bishop. I searched high and low for your store and finally found you, you where so pleased that you started to show me things I bet most have not seen, like your scrimshaw work. I have collected your work for years now, to give you an idea, my Kitty pics have no names. I bought them when you where set up at the River fest in Arkansas about 15 years ago or more.
    Anyway, I am glad that your doing better and from the sounds of it, it looks like your on the road to full recovery. Many blessing for you and Pam and your son.
    Fond Regards
    Jody K Hartley

  5. Tommy Scarpinato
    | Reply

    Jamie ,
    I had know idea that you had a stroke . Glad you found some treatment . Let me know when you get back to the states . I don’t have a # for Pam have someone inbox it to me and I’ll call her .

  6. Aron Lifschultz
    | Reply

    Jamie I send you the most positive vibes I have. We met several years ago and just hit it off. I have several of your works in our living room. Just do what you must get healthy and strong your family and friends need you. I know you are a very special person.
    Peace and Love.

  7. Sandy
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear but thrilled you found an affordable and hopefully very successful treatment. Sending well wishes your way.

  8. helen
    | Reply

    hi Jamie – i’m familiar with your wonderous art work thru my daughter Kelly who loves you – she transplanted from Pennsylvania to New Orleans 4 years ago and she has found paradise –
    i’m saying prayers for you to have a great recovery – we need for you to be around for a good long time! Maybe i will get to NOLA sometime in the future and would love to visit your shop!

  9. Kimberly Pease
    | Reply

    Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery…. have been going to the Quarter since 2000 with the exception of Katrina year and ALWAYS visit your store… ALWAYS. Nowadays, dont even start the trip to NOLA without listening to “Come Back to New Orleans”…..sung by you…. I am sure you are MISSED! Get well!

  10. Sylvia Samek
    | Reply

    Hi Jamie! I am sorry to hear about your stroke. It was a shock to read about it on facebook, but I am glad that we have some way of communicating that we are keeping you in our throughts and prayers at this time.

    My husband and I have not been back to New Orleans for about 18 months now. We are certainly overdue. We are planning our next visit October 2014 – for his 60th bday.

    We both wish you all the best as you seek out treatment and rehabilitate…..all our love and support.
    I am sure with the thousands who write to you, you are trying to place us. We are the couple ( I am a teacher) who spoke about coming to move to New Orleans and looking for a place in the quarter. We are still been planning on that.

    All our best.

  11. Vickie Ulrich
    | Reply

    Sending prayers for your recovery. Good luck and best wishes!

  12. Julanne Kowalski
    | Reply

    Hi Jamie….keeping you in thought as you recover and hoping you are back to normal as soon as possible! I met you at your gallery in New Orleans a few years ago while I was there for Mardi Gras and you were kind enough to let me take a picture of you. My husband and I have been living in Shreveport for the past four years at Barksdale Air Force Base and I have several of your prints in my home. In addition, I was just given another piece by you, a beautiful wooden sun, as a going away gift last night. As we transition to Nebraska I’m honored to take your work with me to remind me of Louisiana!

  13. Sue Faulkner
    | Reply

    Prayers for a speedy recovery! Sorry we will miss seeing you this trip to NOLA and hope all goes well and you are back soon!

  14. Myra
    | Reply

    Jamie– Greetings from Smithville, TN– Sorry to hear about the health problems, but appears you are in good hands with this treatment. Hope this note finds you doing better! Take care and know you are loved and admired by many. Hope one day to see you again as I have missed you the last couple of times I have stopped by when in town. I still have the artwork you made for me while you visited with us here in Smithville 🙂 Best to you and your family! Myra Johnson Miller

  15. Shannon Warwick
    | Reply

    OH GEEZ! I totally didn’t hear about your stroke somehow!? May you regain everything you need/want to feel able and willing to continue creating your magic, loving your family, and being your outrageous SELF~*~ May Blessings Abound and the hyperbaric chamber offer an amazing improvement!

  16. Harvey Cazales
    | Reply

    I am back in UK so was sad to hear this. Hope everything goes well in Bangkok. Good Luck! Harveyx

  17. Tim Runkle
    | Reply

    Get well and back to New Orleans soon so I can make you a real offer on that dinning room table!!!!!

  18. Tim Runkle
    | Reply

    Get well soon and come back to New Orleans so I can make you a real offer on that dining room table

  19. Jo ANn
    | Reply

    Prayers are with you Jamie. Get well soon.

  20. Sheree B
    | Reply

    Get well and come back soon, Jamie. You and your art are missed!

  21. Michael I. Cote
    | Reply

    When we first decided to start using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating our autistic son it was to address an ongoing bacterial infection that we found out he had. We originally were visiting a chiropractor’s office about 30 minutes from our house for HBOT treatments but then discovered that Pikes Peak Hyberbaric offered in-home rentals at an affordable price.

  22. Laura Morche'
    | Reply

    Hang in there. Your work is an inspiration to all. I have used it many times in the high school classroom. Good luck on your recovery.

  23. Karen Maitland
    | Reply

    Dear Jamie, I just learned about your stroke and am so sorry you are going through all of this. I hope the treatments in Thailand are helping you and you can return to NO feeling like ‘your old self’ again. I have a number of your prints hanging in my office at home – I begin and end the day smiling at ‘the cats’! Safe travels, Jamie!!

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